Oct 9, 2010

101 Simple Pleasures

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In last week's post 142 Ways to Boost Your Brain Power (Having Fun), I mentioned: "Appreciating the little things that brings happiness into our life" as number "135". Well, in this week's post, I'll give you 101 of those little things.

Life is full with simple pleasures, the little satisfying effects you never really anticipate, but always take great pleasure in. They are the gifts of life that we each subconsciously celebrate in our own unique way.

Here are 101 of the most satisfying simple pleasures life has to offer:

1. Fireflies! They wander into your life unexpectedly and make it a little bit brighter.

2. When an animal is tame enough to eat food right out of your hand.

3. Picking and eating fresh fruits right off the tree.

4. Watching a baby smile.

5. The bittersweet emotions that rush through your body on the very last day of high school.

6. Kissing in the rain.

7. The feeling of cool morning grass under your bare feet when you walk out to get the newspaper at sunrise.

8. The sound and sight of ocean waves.

9. The feeling you get inside when you go out of your way to make someone's day a little brighter.

10. A good photograph of a special moment.

11. A rainbow breaking through the storm clouds on a calm, rainy summer afternoon.

12. The exhilarating rush of adolescent love.

13. Sharing a good laugh with friends and family.

14. The awesomeness of skipping rocks across water.

15. The soothing comfort of an old familiar smell.

16. A first kiss. The sweet rush of butterflies in your tummy when you kiss someone special for the very first time.

17. The surreal beauty of watching lightning strikes in the distance.

18. An unexpected compliment.

19. The joy of telling an interesting true story.

20. When the song on the radio ends right as you pull into the driveway.

21. Laying in bed wrapped up all warm while it's cold, raining and windy outside.

22. The feeling you get when you uncover schoolwork from elementary school while cleaning out your closet.
23. Watching the sunrise on a quiet Sunday morning while the rest of the neighborhood is still sleeping.

24. Being told "I love you" for the first time.

25. Meeting someone you just can't get out of your mind.

26. The excitement of making a wish at 11:11.

27. Long, crazy college road trips with your friends and the memories they create.

28. The eerie silence between the flash of lightning and the crack of thunder.

29. Taking a running start and then sliding across a tile floor in your socks.

30. Having the place to yourself and singing aloud at the top of your lungs.

31. Waking up to find your cat asleep on your stomach, purring loudly.

32. The excitement of traveling outside of your country for the very first time.

33. When a popular song on the radio actually has meaningful lyrics that you can totally relate to.

34. Amazing talents you are born with. Like the mind of a genius or the voice of an angel.

35. Making momentary eye contact with a cute stranger.

36. The feeling you get when you're at the top of the roller coaster and know you're about to plummet.

37. Waiting until nobody's home and then blaring your favorite tunes and dancing all over the place.

38. Decorating a Christmas tree with your family.

39. Great memories from your childhood.

40. The warm coziness of your own bed, no bed is more comfortable than your own.

41. The excitement of cracking open a new book and feeling like an adventure is about to begin.

42. A large, cold glass of milk when you're really thirsty.

43. The silky smooth feeling just after shaving.

44. The fun of washing a car barefoot on a sunny day.

45. Finding money in your pocket you didn't know you had.

46. Receiving a real letter or package via snail mail.

47. Making the yellow light. Then glancing in your rearview to see all the cars behind you stopping.

48. The first sip of a cold beverage when you're thirsty.

49. Catching a glimpse of a bare skin on the opposite sex.

50. Saying the same thing at the same time with your friend.

51. The feeling you get when your idea actually works.

52. The feeling after a healthy workout.

53. Holding hands with someone you love.

54. Playing with/in the water.

55. Singing in the shower.

56. Stargazing.

57. Making snow angels.

58. Giving money/things away.

59. The feeling you get when you pee after holding your bladder for a long, long time.

60. Popping bubble wrap.

61. Waking up, realizing it's the weekend, and curling up for another thirty minutes of sleep.

62. Eating watermelon on a hot summer day.

63. People who make you smile just by thinking of them.

64. The excitement of a new comment on your blog or Facebook.

65. When you can see your breath on a chilly night or morning.

66. Hearing a song that you haven't hear since your childhood and realizing you still know all the words.

67. Having someone scratch the spot in your back that you cannot reach.

68. Waking up in the morning, on time, and feeling well rested.

69. The nervous excitement on the first day of a new school year.

70. Finally reaching and reading the very last page of a great novel.

71. Being lazy on a Sunday.

72. Pillow fights.

73. A gentle breeze.

74. Checking something off of your to-do list.

75. The satisfying smell of new stuffs (Magazines, books, gadgets, instruments..).

76. When your teacher calls in sick, and you have a cool, laid-back substitute teacher.

77. Picking your nose so quick when it itches that nobody else sees you.

78. Dumping the last few crumbs from the potato chip bag directly into your mouth.

79. The sound of a baby's first cry when being born.

80. Finally removing something out of your teeth with floss after it has been stuck there annoying you all day.

81. Carving your name and the date into fresh sidewalk cement.

82. Hanging your hand out the window of the car when you're driving down the highway.

83. Eating a food you used to love when you were a kid, but haven't had since.

84. Struggling to open a jar of pickles or spaghetti sauce, and then just as you're about to ask someone for help, the lid pops off.

85. Those mornings and evenings when you can see the moon and the sun in the sky at the same time.

86. The goofy excitement of running up the down escalator.

87. The way a cold glass of water or milk tastes somewhat warm after you finish eating ice cream.

88. A bouquet of flowers in a vase of water that lasts way longer than you had expected.

89. Taking your shoes off at home after a long day of work.

90. That short, silent moment at a rock concert after the lights go off just before the band comes on stage.

91. The feeling of a fresh mouth after you brushes your teeth.

92. Playing "Rock-Paper-Scissors" to settle a decision with one of your friends.

93. Playing old school board games, like Monopoly, with friends and family.

94. When you randomly see someone famous in real life.

95. When you gain an hour for daylight savings time.

96. When your muscles ache after a good workout.

97. Counting the seconds between lightning and thunder.

98. Popping a zit.

99. Sharing an umbrella with someone else.

100. Making a paper ball into the wastebasket from across the room.

101. The goofy excitement of screaming at movie characters for doing something stupid or dangerous.

A complete list of life's simple pleasures would be quite difficult to compile. My list represents those that are most satisfying to a sample of people in and around my life. With a few sporadic exceptions, I believe these simple pleasures hold universal appeal.

Although, this shouldn't stop you from contributing your own simple pleasures in the comment section below.

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