Jan 26, 2011

4 Reasons You Should Start Your Own Blog

little girl blogging laptop photoBlogging has become so popular nowadays that even students are starting their own blogs (hand raised), with subjects ranging from photography and writing to news, entertainment or plain personal blogs.

I read a post on BlogTyrant the other day in which he explains how stay-at-home mothers can make excellent bloggers.

If you are a father, a mother, a husband or wife, or even just a student in an unknown country in the middle east, you could gain many benefits from starting your own blog.

Here are some:

Meet like-minded people
When you put your feelings, opinions, and thoughts about the world on your blog, you're giving the chance for other like-minded people to reach out and discuss them with you. You will make many friendships that will hopefully last forever.

Keep your head clear
When you start blogging, or writing in general, you're finally letting the thoughts in your brain to come out and stop bothering you all the time. This is the same mental ram I talked about in Early Rising, when you blog, you free your mind from the thoughts screaming to get out, and so you increase your mental ram, leading to better focus and opening the way for new thoughts to come up.

It’s fun!
Putting away the two reasons mentioned above, you should start a blog just for the heck of it. It’s very fun and opens a whole new world for you to discover.

A good way to earn some cash
When looking at the blogs created nowadays, it seems that the majority of them are for money sake only.
Yet, if you create a blog that could attract some significant traffic, it could easily replace your current job, or at least pay the bills.

Start Now
Go to Blogger right now and start your own blog for free. Blogger is very simple to use, especially for beginners. It only requires an email address to sign up and crate a blog. If you have any questions or requests, I’ll always be here to help you! :D

Don’t forget to share your new blog with us in the comments.