Apr 9, 2011

5 Ways Pets can Improve Our Lives

pet dog life
a pet dog Photo Credit: andrewmorrell

This is a guest post by Amy Lizee from Our Global Awareness Magazine.

Many people these days own a pet. Majority of pet owners have chosen either a dog or cat, but many individuals have other pets such as fish, birds, bunnies, horses, reptiles, and more. For some people who don’t own a pet, they may view pet ownership as a burden, or a responsibility without experiencing the beautiful ways that pets enrich and improve our lives.

1. Unconditional Love
One of the biggest descriptions pet owners have about their companions is that they love unconditionally regardless of if they are four-legged, two-legged, creepy crawlers, finned, furred, or the winged ones. Every animal provides a relationship that is filled with unconditional love. When the animal choses their master, there is a life long commitment to their companionship.

Unlike people, pets love their human families without conditions and always accept you for who you are. Your dog doesn’t care if you are angry – they forgive you. Your horse doesn’t care if you are upset – they provide a shoulder to cry on. Your bird doesn’t care if you want to sing loudly and off key in the shower – they sing with you.

Animals provide an entirely different relationship for people than other humans provide and because of this, they improve our lives. The relationship we have with our pets reminds us that we are always loved unconditionally. No matter who we are, what we do, what kind of mood we are in or how much money we make, pets will love you the same.

2. Stress Relief
Another very commonly described benefit pets have on our lives is that they provide our emotional body with a stress relief. It has been proven that simply petting our animal (dog, cat or otherwise) lowers our blood pressure and calms us down.

Animals are very balanced souls compared to humans and because of that, they allow us to connect with their energy. No matter if it is raining, hailing or a sunny day, our pets are always happy and content. They are not bothered by the little things in life, pets live in the moment. When we take lessons from our pets, we are able to live a much more stress free life.

3. Sense of Purpose
In the busy world we live in today, many people often feel as though they don’t fit, they are disconnected with their role and purpose. Pets provide us with a purpose. They count on us for all their needs – food, water, exercise, affection, etc – and for that, they give us a gift of the role of “master”.

Having a role and purpose with your pet can fill a void in a lot of lives. Knowing that our precious pet is relying on you, gives you a great sense of self-worth.

horse pet life
a girl with her pet horse Photo Credit: hdport

4. Exercise
Pets don’t care if it is raining, hailing or sunny and because of this, they don’t become lazy when it is pouring rain or freezing cold. They still look at the leash, to the door and back at the leash expecting their walk.

The daily walk or ride is not only good for the pet’s health, but it is good for their owners too. Animals provide us with a no excuse way to exercise, because we are responsible for our pet's health, and they rely on us to keep them happy.

Having a dog to walk or horse to ride is a great way to stay in shape at any age, but especially as we get older. Walking your dog every day keeps your heart and muscles strong and assists our journey to living longer richer lives.

5. Pets Keep us Honest
Having a pet that you are responsible for not only gives us a sense of purpose, but it they also teach us how to live differently. Pets teach us how to live in the moment, not let the little things get us down, but most of all they keep us honest.

By having a pet, you live up to the expectation that they have provided for you. When it comes down to it, you try to be the amazing human that your pet thinks you are. You cannot lie to your pet and tell them they already ate, or went for a walk. They know exactly when meals are ready, and exercise is scheduled.

Our pets don’t care about the little things, they care about how we feel inside. They listen to our energy and to our souls. Have you ever tried to lie to your pet and tell them you are feeling fine? Do you think they believed you? I can tell you one thing, mine sure don’t. You might be able to tell other people that you are fine, but your pets are there to keep you honest by helping you to help you face your stress and anxiety because you cannot hide your energy from them.

Now that you have read this, go and hug your beautiful pet, and remember how much they love you unconditionally, enrich your life, and heal your soul.