Sep 22, 2011

On the Power of Words, Paper and Ideas

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Lately, I've been underestimating the power of words. I mean... when you think about it, everything around us is made of words, e.g music is originally made of lyrics, movies are made of scripts which are sometimes made from books, even a photo can be expressed with words. Isn't a photo worth a thousand words?

Although, they say that there are feelings that can't be described with words. But still, writing remains the most powerful way to do so. You can write anything and turn it into a book, a song or even a movie.

I've also been underestimating the power of pen and paper. I just don't feel that comfortable sharing my feelings with a screen, a journal seems more safe and trustworthy to me.

Also, words are originally thoughts, right? Which reminds me of something Einstein said: "Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions."

Everything that you see, hear or smell was a thought in someone's head, and that someone had the choice of letting it stay there or sharing it with the world.

How many ideas then, have died with the death of their owners? In what world will we be living in right now, if someone somewhere didn't belittle himself or his thoughts and started working on them?

Some may think that they are only responsible for what they say or what they do, they are unaware of the power of their thoughts and ideas. Which reminds me of yet another quote by Mark Twain: "Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered - either by themselves or by others."

NO!!! It's not okay to dream if you're not planning to take action. And YES, it's okay to dream about the impossible, but only if you're going to go for it.

Bottom line, don't keep your thoughts to yourself. Start a blog! Share them with the world! Turn them into words and then into anything you want... if you can imagine it, you can do it!

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