Oct 22, 2011

Blogging From A Student's Perspective

study blog photo
by jublin

Most would agree that it's relatively hard to run and maintain a high-traffic blog...

You don't think it's hard?

Well how about YOU try to do it with $0 budget, while attending college AND being only 17 years old? Not so easy anymore huh?

When I first started blogging, it wasn't for the money nor for the fame. I just wanted to share my passion with the world. I wanted to help people, motivate them and inspire them, hence the name of the blog: "Conscious Living".

But then I discovered the hard truth that every blogger will have to face after publishing their first post, that no one is going to read your blog if it wasn't suggested to them by google or by a friend on facebook or twitter.

And that's when it all started...

Some people may argue that blogging is dead anyway, but this guy don't care what people say... So I learned it all! SEO, guest posting, traffic generation, copy writing, social media, link building, analytics, adsense, mailing list, RSS feeds... Sounds scary huh? Well IT IS SCARY!

Imagine how it would be like if my 16 years old self knew that he had to learn all of this. He would back off for sure.

But now that I'm already there, I'm glad I jumped in.

Sometimes, it's difficult to focus on blogging when I have exams, but I still find some time to write something or to check on the stats.

And sometimes, I don't get home till 10PM or so and I'd be very tired and sleepy, but that's when inspiration likes to strike me. So I forget about anything and I just write. That's the sacrifice I made to blogging.

Blogging is a lifestyle, you know. I don't see myself quitting blogging any time soon. My last post will probably get entitled "I Think I'm Going to Die..." SERIOUSLY. People who blog for a few months than stop, didn't really adopt the blogging lifestyle in the first place.

Another obstacle when blogging as a student is being under-aged. I mean, you can't have a credit card, nor a google+ account, you don't get taken seriously when applying for guest posting or trying to share your articles.

My parents say that I "play" too much on my laptop while I should be studying instead, little do they now...

Student blogging isn't all disadvantages though... Some of the benefits I gained from blogging in the past year includes:

-Better writing skills.
-Becoming vegetarian.
-Deciding on my major, and what I want to work (if I was forced to).
-Blogging about self improvement boosted my own personal development (becoming an early riser, quitting watching Tv and a lot more...)
-It helped me make a bunch of like-minded bloggers friends.
-Made me reach out to millions of people I couldn't connect with otherwise.

The genuine comments you guys leave on the articles I write always make me smile... or think... sometimes both.

They encourage me to write more, to think more, to blog more.

All in all, blogging has been a great experiment for me, a life-changing one for sure. And I really believe that everyone should try it no matter how old they are.