May 14, 2012

Why Animals Are Afraid From You

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Note: The following article is NOT based on any scientific experiment but rather on my own subjective experiences.

Ever wondered why some animals get scared and run away whenever you try to approach them? You might be thinking that maybe it's part of their instinct. Since they consider us to be possible predators (and sometimes we really are).

Yet still... There seems to be a sort of "no-harm" bond between herbivore animals. i.e. They seem to be able to recognize each others.

But how do they separate friend from foe?

Apparently (and this is where my personal experience kicks in), herbivore animals can detect a certain smell emitted from carnivores' body. This smell is caused by eating flesh, and is emitted through sweat, breath, urine...

Herbivores has developed this skill to successfully predict and prepare for any predator approaching the area.

Why am I telling you this?

You may have noticed that most wild animals are afraid from humans, they don't let you easily come near them and may become very defensive if you do.

And this makes sense because human beings are meat eaters.

And that was the case for me when I used to be an all-in meat eater too.

But then I went vegetarian. And then vegan. And now I don't consume ANY animal product and my body is animal-protein-free.

So lately, I've been noticing that animals are being "nicer" to me! Some (especially insects) let me get very close to them. I tried to gently catch a fly a couple of times and I was successful in both tries.

Pigeons don't fly away anymore when I walk beside them (but I have to slow down my pace a bit).

I wish I could try interacting with other "wild" animals but they aren't so abundant here in Lebanon.

It's not just physical

Beyond the physical connection, I also felt that it's an "internal" one (spiritual? emotional?). When I approached that fly, I wasn't intending to hurt her (actually, when we finished "playing" I opened the window for her and she flew away). I think that somehow she knew that I just want to have a closer look and feel her tickly legs over my arm.

But I have to admit that it's a pretty cool feeling.

It's been less than 5 months since I turned vegan and the road ahead seems very promising :D