May 10, 2012

Why You Don't Want To Be Happy

Happiness Vs. Love Photo

Why am I here?

A question that have kept people awake at night since the beginning of human life (or at least since humans started to think).

Some people compromise their life purpose to: losing weight, making lots of money, having a successful career or finding their soul mate. Or more simply: "being happy".

But in reality, happiness is in fact a negative form of energy.

Let me 'splain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up...

Happiness is selfish

Even if you find happiness in making others happy; on the inside, you're only doing it because it makes YOU feel happy one way or another.

Please note that the word "happiness" also includes the words "pleasure", "satisfaction" and "feeling worthy".

So what is the alternative?

If it isn't happiness that we should seek, then what is the purpose of life?

Love is the answer.

Pure Love Photo
"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience." ~Teilhard de Chardin
Whether it's Love of god, of yourself (happiness?), your soul mate, life... The purpose of our lives here on this planet (and possibly beyond it) is simply to experience pure Love. 

Why Love is a more noble purpose than happiness

Again, let me sum up..

Love is a two-way emotion, it involves at least two parties. Whether it's two lady bugs flying by each other's side, a man praying to his God, or a warrior sacrificing himself to his country. Love is a shared experience. When you're experiencing love, it doesn't happen if you're happy or not. It's the expression of love that we had been feeding on since the beginning of time.
"When you love, God's light shines through you." ~Jon Krakauer [tweet this]
"To love and be loved is everything"
P.S: The ideas above may only be valid inside their owner's head... unless you decide to adopt them too.