Jun 30, 2012

The Number One Mistake Women Make When Trying To Lose Weight

weight loss diet mistake women photo

On Monday morning, Jenny starts her new diet and exercise program. She measures her initial weight and starts working her butt off and strictly follows her diet. Next Monday, she weighs herself again, only to find that she has gained 1 pound, she swears at her friend who told her about this diet and move on to diet #79

Did you go through this scenario before? If so, you may have fallen for the number one mistake women make when trying to lose weight.

What went wrong?

The mistake that Jenny did is that she only
weighed herself  right before and after the diet. If she had measured her weight a week before that, she may have noticed that she gained 2 pounds that week. So technically, the diet and exercise program slowed down her weight gain from 2 pounds/week to 1 pound/week and maybe if she had stuck to it, she could've get down to 0 pound/week and THEN she could actually start losing some weigh.

But poor Jenny wasn't good at math, nor was she patient. But I know that you are. So next time you try a new diet, do some math and be patient. All you can loose is weight (;

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