Sep 11, 2012

Just Close Your Eyes

Baby Closed Eyes Smiling Photo

Following on the recent Eat Blindfolded post, I decided to dig more in the world of closed-eyeness. And the results were simply fascinating.. Almost to the point where I began to envy blind people for the numerous opportunities they have.

The previous article only covered the effect of closing our eyes on the way we taste and enjoy food. This one though will mention the other areas that closing your eyes could effect.

1. Music

I bet you all know this one. Simply put:
Eyes closed music

Obviously, closing your eyes while listening to music enhances your experience and thus making you enjoy the music more.

A few days ago, I was listening to live music and I thought I'd try something. I closed my eyes and started eliminating physical objects in my mind. First, the audience disappeared. Next was the room and the room's content. Then the musician itself disappeared. And finally the instrument. Leaving only this "emptiness".. visual emptiness.. but full of grandiose sound.

2. Meditating/Praying

Closing your eyes while meditating can highly effect the quality of your experience. And for the same reasons. Physical surrounding can become distraction during meditation, unless the meditation include staring at a flame or object. 

3. Sleeping

Yes. You may not believe this but sleeping with your eyes closed highly enhances the quality of your sleep. True story.

4. Everything Else

Bottom line: close your eyes when you don't need them. You will do yourself and your eyes a favor.

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