Oct 22, 2012

One Year of Veganism: The Why? How? and WTF?

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Almost one year ago, I decided to turn vegan. I was already vegetarian for six months.

I had already posted an article on why I became vegetarian. But after much reading and experimenting, I figured that it wasn't enough.

P.S: This post is not about trying to convert you to veganism, but rather sharing my experience and shedding the light on some obscure misconceptions.


1. Health Benefits

After witnessing the huge health benefits of turning vegetarian, I was curious about what veganism has to offer.

Also, the health benefits of vegetarianism mainly come from lowering animal-based protein and animal hormones. While veganism completely cut these out, thus providing much more benefits.

Some dangers of animal protein (scientific facts):

A. Animal Protein is Acidic

Your body functions within a very narrow range of pH at about 7.0, which is slightly alkaline. When the foods you eat move your body out of this range of alkalinity, the cells don't function properly.

B. Antibiotics and Hormones

Factory farmed animal products are laden with hormones and antibiotics. In many cases, the animals are also filled with the pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically modified food products the farmers' use to feed them. This means that you, too, are ingesting pesticides, genetically modified products, and fertilizers every time you eat a factory farmed animal product. This increases the amount of toxic sludge in your body, which keeps you from efficiently digesting the foods you eat, absorbing nutrients, and using your life energy well.

C. Putrefaction

Your body does not digest animal proteins well under the best of circumstances. If
you regularly eat animal proteins, then chances are they are not digesting. Instead, the proteins putrefy in your colon and become part of the toxic sludge, blocking efficient digestion of healthier foods that contribute the important enzymes and nutrients to keep you youthful and energetic. (That's why vegans need less food, since there is no animal protein to block the digestion)

D. Nutritional Value

Aside from having protein and vitamin B12, animal protein has very little to offer nutritionally- being devoid of fiber and low in vitamins and minerals. Furthermore, unless you are eating it raw, animal foods have been heated, which denatures the amino acids which make up protein chains, reducing the actual amount of protein your body is able to use and assimilate. When you fill up on animal proteins, you don't eat as much of the nutritious foods your body needs for vibrant health, such as raw green veggies. Similarly, animal proteins may keep you from consuming the fiber you need to clean your intestines.
"Vegans do not need to supplement B12 because it would be lacking in their diet, they need to supplement because the toxic substances in the food chain, the air, the water and the ground have killed off the bacteria who would be on every surface and produce B12 for us."
The information above may seem to contradict what you have read elsewhere. Meat, eggs, and dairies are usually looked at as "nutritional" and "essential" foods. Here a short story to clarify why:
"Scientist 1: I'm making a research to see if animal protein is bad for our health.
Everyone: oh ok.. good for you.
Scientist 1: but I need funding.
Everyone: sorry..
Scientist 2: I'm making a research about how animal protein is good for our health.
McDonalds: Here's $1 Million to fund your research.
Farmers: Here's another $1 Million just in case you needed more.
Teacher: Studies have shown that animal protein is good for us.. therefore you should consume meat, dairies and eggs as much as you can to make the corporate bastards rich.
Students: ok!"
(Someone should make a comic out of this btw)

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Reason 2: Moral

One of the reasons I became vegetarian is that I didn't want animals to get killed in order to satisfy my taste buds. I thought that consuming dairies and eggs is harmless, but I was wrong.

Here’s a short video (less than 4 minutes) showing some daily practices that people who eat eggs are supporting:

Realize that if you eat eggs, you're actively and directly supporting practices like this. This video is actually pretty mild compared to what happens to the hens.

What’s the difference between being the guy who tosses the live baby chicks into the grinder vs. paying someone else to do it for you? Of course there’s no meaningful difference other than how much you distance yourself from the truth.

Here's another video that shows what the cows have to go through in order for you to get milk:

3. Just Because

I tried it and I liked it. It feels different. I feel more clear-headed, my psychic and intuitive skills have improved, lucid dreaming is easier.. I never see myself turning back c:


I have to admit that quitting dairies and eggs (and other animal products) was harder than quitting meat. Although craving was not a big issue for me because I was never attached to food and I had previously strengthened my self-discipline.
"Apparently, cheese has a high concentration of beta casomorphins, which are mildly addictive substances."
On 31/12/2011 I ate my last non-vegan meal. On 1/1/2012 I started a 7-days of raw food diet (nothing but raw fruits, vegetables and nuts). This was extremely difficult and made returning to veganism after the 7 days a blessing.

The first two weeks, I had severe detoxification on all levels. And preparing vegan food was a hassle.. but after a while, I got used to it and everything was back to normal.

My major challenge though, was my family's resistance. Especially my mom. She was still trying to convince me to quit being vegetarian when I "shocked" her with going up a level instead.

Apparently, my family have a sacred image of meat and vegetarians are just crazy people who are obsessed with losing weight. I had many arguments with many members of my family, but all of them ended with no one changing his mind.

At the end, they all gave up. Still against it though. And for the first time, I liked that my dad didn't care.


When people find out that I'm vegan, their first reaction is: "Dude! WTF? What do you eat?"

Actually, you can find an alternative for every non-vegan food.

There's vegan milk (soy milk, rice milk, almond milk...), vegan meat (Tempeh,  Seitan) even vegan cheese (Tofu).

But of course they don't taste the same.

In addition to eliminating animal products from my diet, there's other foods that I "avoid" as much as I can, like: sugar, salt, caffeine, soft drinks, wheat, processed food...

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Next step: Raw Vegan ;)

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