Mar 12, 2013

Walking Meditation

Walking meditation forest photo

Meditation. We all know it's good for clearing our minds but few are who actually practice it. The reason? We don't have time. The solution? Walking meditation.

On the way to my university, there's a long, empty pavement along the sea. Perfect for walking. Which I do every weekday morning. For 20 minutes.

What I also like to do is walking with my eyes closed. Of course I have to open them every few seconds to make sure I don't trip. But I discovered that it's a perfect technique for a walking meditation.

While your eyes are closed, all you can think of is not tripping or bumping into something. Which means that you're not thinking of anything else. Which is basically the purpose of meditation: to clear one's mind of any thoughts. If I feel like I'm starting to think of something else, I just walk faster and make my mind busy dealing with that.

You can try it too. The hard part might be finding a long empty pavement. But if you do find something similar (maybe you can use a treadmill), the results can be amazing.

The road I found is perfect, I don't have to worry of anyone seeing me, and it has beautiful background music of waves crashing on the shore, and soft wind to top it off.

I already wrote a lengthy article about different types of meditation and how to meditate, do check it out if you're interested.

Here's a short video I took while walking on that road:

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