Apr 2, 2013

Blogging Vs Tweeting

blogger vs twitter

I used to blog more often. When I used to get an idea, the first thing that comes to my mind was: how can I turn this idea into a blog post? How can I stretch it and make an article out of it? But now it's: how can I condense this idea into a 140 characters tweet?

Is twitter taking over blogging?

Some people call twitter a microblog. Bite-size blog posts, suitable for the always-in-a-hurry, always-busy person, who don't have time to read lengthy blog posts. But here I am writing one, and here you are reading one.

Tweets that contain links are the most likely to get ignored by tweeps. Because clicking on a link would require the user to leave the twitter app and go to a web page. 

But you clicked that link anyway and here you are, still, reading.

I think in the end, twitter has its people and so does blogging. Some ideas are meant to get tweeted and others, like this one, are meant to get turned into a blog post.

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