Jun 20, 2013


space eye photo

If you look at the human body very closely, reaching the molecular/atomic level, you can study its chemistry and the way its atoms and molecules interact with each other.

If you take a step back into the cellular level, you'd be studying its biology and the way it works as a connected organism.

Take another step back and you can study it physically, and the way it interacts with the objects around it.

One more step back would allow you to study sociology, the way multiple humans interact with each other.

Step back really far, and sociology turns into politics.

One more big step and humans are no longer relevant and you'd be studying astronomy; planets, stars and galaxies are the center of your studies now.

One last step back, and you reach philosophy and religion. And other deep sciences.

The trick though, is to take one more step and observe how different sciences interact with each other, to form the complicated, fascinating world that we live in.