Jul 25, 2013

6 Barriers That Undermine Personal Growth

Lots of people are frustrated with themselves and their lives and feel like they can't make any headway at fulfilling their dreams or experiencing everything that they say they want to because they allow themselves to be blocked by self-imposed barriers. Recognizing some of the barriers that can impede on personal growth can help individuals go a long way toward a more satisfying life. The below is an outline of the 6 most common personal barriers that undermine and impose on growth, development and the fulfilling personal goals. 

People often give into fear when setting out on new adventures or trying something new. It appears that fear takes over completely, stopping individuals before they fully experience anything different. It's important to remember that FEAR is simply False Evidence Appearing Real, however overcoming this can be a real challenge. 

Failing to Take Action:
In order to ensure continued personal growth, experiencing new, challenging, yet exciting things, one must take action and make some changes. Taking even a small step or taking little action is better than not taking action at all. Most people stunt their personal growth by refusing to even consider taking action that has even the slightest chance of changing their life, in particular if it doesn't bring instant change and/or gratification.

Lack of Education:
People who have a lack of curiosity about the process of personal development are certain to fail to achieve any individual growth. One of the biggest barriers to achieving personal growth is the lack of education surrounding ways to move beyond where an individual currently finds themselves in life.

Having No Goals:
One of the most important self-imposed barriers is not taking the time or thought to develop a list of short-term as well as long-term (future) goals. Research has proven that putting personal goals down in writing is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that most, if not all of an individual's goals are furfiled. But research also suggests, the most common reason for not having goals or setting goals generally includes not having enough time in the day or that we are just too busy to set goals. Researchers refer to this as an 'excuse' rather then a legitimate reason, adding that if something as simple as this can not be overcome, then continued growth and development is sure to stay stunted.

Absorbing Negativity:
If life is an adventure, then most people are plodding along the road carrying unnecessarily baggage. Not only believing but also absorbing all sorts of negative criticism that has been stated throughout their life stopping them and undermining progress. Not having a positive outlook on yourself and not having the belief that you can make changes or make a difference in your own life, let a lone someone else, can really impact on any change agents, therefore personal growth again is blocked. 

Once an individual grows into an adult and enters adulthood, it is up to them then to continue to develop and grow, no longer are parents, teachers and family members alike responsible for a person's development. A part of growing up and continuing to succeed is continuing to challenge and explore yourself and your limits and analyzing what, when and why things need to change. Not having the maturity to recognise when things need to change, taking the difficult steps in making the changes will again impact on growth and development. 

So knowing all the barriers, what is the best way to overcome these issues? We all have different views and opinions, we all draw strength and inspiration from different sources, the key however is to be strong within yourself, to know your limits and boundaries, to remain positive and to concentrate on the end goal. Some people draw strength and inspiration from family members, friends, religious sources. For others it might be inspirational quotes, books, self help materials, and for another group it might be seeking professional help from counselors, mentors, church ministers/pastors. Whatever the source may be, take comfort in the fact that these barriers can be overcame and that success is just around the corner. 

Recognizing what the most common barriers are to personal growth and understanding that all barriers to personal growth are self-imposed, for some people it might be easier to take either a tiny step or a giant leap forward in their personal development. But the ultimate and underlying message is the same, the choice to take this control has to be owned by the individual. 

Author Biography:
Nada Ljubinovic is a content writer who enjoys sharing her personal growth and development with others, in particular in areas such as self help, personal development and emotional wellbeing. Nada continues to develop her understanding and continues to be inspired by new age stores, inspirational readings and quotes.